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About Me

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Born and raised in Winnipeg, Michael is a 2nd generation real estate agent. His father John Froese, has been a member of organized real estate for 30 years. After three years of working in various management positions, Michael decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and begin his career in real estate.

“I can’t say that I always dreamed of being in the real estate industry, but since I’ve started, I’ve really developed a passion for the industry and for serving my clients.”

Michael has always had a strong affinity for the customer service industry.

“I was amazed at how some companies, stores, or organizations treated their customers. While many merely did the bare minimum to serve me, there were few that went the extra mile when serving me. At one particular auto body shop, when my car was returned to me, not only was the body repaired, but the entire inside of the car was cleaned, detailed and polished. The trash was removed and the seats vacuumed. The owner of the shop came out to meet me, shook my hand, and gave me my keys. I will never go anywhere else for auto body repair, no matter how cheap a competitor may be, because that particular shop knew how to do their job well, and treat their customers well.”

Recognizing his loyalty for the auto shop, Michael knew that in order to be successful in serving customers, simply satisfactory service would not be good enough. Coupled with his desire to provide second mile service, Michael has core values he brings with him to work everyday. These qualities he guarantees to all his clients with his 360 Service Guarantee.

These values are demonstrated in different ways when working with buyers and sellers.