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When Buying

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When it came to buying our first home, we were both scared and excited, in choosing a real estate agent I wanted someone that I could both relate to and had extensive knowledge of the market and the structure of a house. Not only did Michael find us the absolute perfect house but he walked us through the whole process of buying a home. I don’t think he could of made it any easier on us, his approach was brilliant, never letting us settle for any thing less than what we deserved. I can say honestly that every home I buy in the future will be through Michael.

– Nick & Calin

Buying a home is the largest investment many people will make in their entire lives, and is not to be taken lightly. From the first time buyer, to the experienced real estate owner, I am dedicated to guide you through the process of buying property using my 360 Degree Home Buying Plan, where you will receive the following:

Market Update

Knowing the market is vital to your success as a buyer. Real Estate is an ever-changing market with fluctuations in inventory, interest rates, government programs and more. Before we get started looking at homes, I will help you understand what kind of a market we are walking into. Find out more…

Contract Knowledge

Before you make an offer on any property, you need to know the paperwork. I have run into people who have signed offers to purchase without really knowing what was in the contract. Be assured that we will go over the contract line by line to ensure that you are making an informed decision when making an offer. Find out more…

Custom Made Listing Search

This is all about you. Together, we will set up a search outlining the things you want and need for you next home. This search will automatically email you listings as they come up on the market. Forget calling agents off of For Sale Signs, and forget flipping through the paper hoping to find a home. With this service, you can easily manage your listings by marking them as Favourites, or simply discard them. Also, you will be updated with sold prices, so you can easily track the market without picking up a phone. Click here to start receiving listings

Multiple Offer Guidance

Currently in our market, it is conceivable you will want to place an offer on a home where other people are also interested. You have probably heard of many horror stories of people “overpaying” for homes. We will address this issue together and discuss the ways we can position ourselves for success in this unique market.

Availability & Communication When homes come on the market that spark your interest, we are going to have a variety of mediums to communicate with one another to set up showings. I do have a personal life, but I assure you that you will never have to apologize for wanting to have a private viewing of a home. I love my job and am committed to helping you find the next home of your dreams.


It’s nice knowing you have someone in your corner, supporting you and fighting for your best interest. Know that I am working for you and with you, not against you. If the price is too high, I’ll be the first to tell you. If there’s a problem with the house, I will be the first one to mention it.

Follow Up & Resources

It is my personal goal to help you not only with the transaction of your home, but also in the exciting journey of owning a home. With every home, at some point something will go wrong. A furnace may die, windows may frost, a roof may leak. I am well connected with several builders, repair men and contractors. If you need help for anything and anytime, call me first, and I will be able to direct you to a reputable professional.