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When Selling

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate you formally for your excellent work regarding the sale of our house. You went above and beyond our expectations that we ever had for a Real Estate Agent. When we received the offer that was $45,000 over our asking price we knew it was because of all your hard work. From the initial meeting to the closing date, you were very professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, full of substance and style. If we hear of anybody else wanting to sell a house, we would not hesitate to recommend you. Thanks again.

– Robyn & Clayton

It is not an easy decision to sell your home. It takes great courage to pack up your life in an endless sea of boxes and move to a new home. With all the ongoing stresses of the move, it is my goal to have you sleep well at night knowing that the sale of your home is in good hands, and that all that could be possibly done to market the home is being done. My 360 Degree Home Selling plan gives you:

Accurate & Competitive Pricing

Pricing is the most important component in the process of selling your home. Pricing your home accurately and competitively allows your home to be marketable and easily accessible for buyers. Consequences are very evident when a home is overpriced or underpriced. Click here to learn more…

360 Degree Marketing

With over 1000 listings at any given time throughout Winnipeg, how can your home stand out from among the rest? Does your home having nothing more than just a For Sale sign? In order to maximize your selling price, your home needs to be aggressively marketed to the buyers, WHERE they are, and HOW they want to see it. Click here to learn more…


Communication is paramount when booking showings to view your home. There is a good chance you have heard a story by the water cooler of an agent knocking on the door when the owner was in the shower, or unprepared for the showing. I ensure that all showings are fit into your schedule, so it works for you and your family. I also provide an online showing schedule so you can see who is coming to view your home while you are at work or on the go.

Home Preparation

I don’t think I have ever met a seller who hasn’t asked me what else they could do to increase the value of their home. I am well experienced in which renovations produce the best results, and which ones should be avoided. In many cases, your home is just great the way it is, and it will only require minimal changes to showcase your home to its very best. Click here to learn more…


It’s nice knowing you have someone in your corner, supporting you and fighting for your best interest. Know that I am working for you and with you, not against you. Currently, Winnipeg has a seller’s market. I will help you understand what that means, and how you can leverage your position to get the best results possible.

Follow Up

Nobody likes to be left hanging. It is my personal goal to help you not only with the transaction of your home, but also in the exciting journey of owning a home. With every home, at some point something will go wrong. A furnace may die, windows may frost, a roof may leak. I am well connected with several builders, repair men and contractors. If you need help for anything and anytime, call me first, and I will be able to direct you to a reputable professional.